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We Are Skokie Youth

It takes time to build anything that matters. It takes patience and it takes passion to create something to pass on from generation to generation. For forty years, an organization that not only understood that but also lived it, on and off the field, has guided countless generations of athletes to present day Skokie, Illinois in 2017. It’s anybody’s guess how many players have been imbued with the knowledge that hard work pays off since baseball came to the north suburbs in 1977. Since then, that notion has stuck: Hard work is our wheelhouse. It’s our secret weapon. It’s our bread and butter. So it may sound ironic that the age-old philosophy that kept Skokie Youth serving the community for four decades is exactly what is taking us to the new phase in bringing higher quality baseball programs to the area. But if you think about it, it’s only natural that after forty years of hard work, it’s time it paid off.

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We Are Diverse

We pride ourselves on our reputation of inclusion. Skokie Youth holds open doors for all!


GameChanger Stats

Using the online app to provide live game updates, this service will allow for archived and up-to-date stats. This will also provide the community with game-generated game recap stories!

On and Off the Field

We recognize that getting your athlete to games and practices isn’t always easy. This is why we aim to provide unparalleled customer service to help with scheduling and answering any questions you may have. It’s our commitment to keep the players’ focus on the games as much as possible.

Skokie Youth Baseball Organization

Established in 1977