On April 2nd, at 2 pm to 5 pm, at Oakton Field (4701 Oakton Street, Skokie, Illinois) we are holding an evaluation day for all players.

This mandatory event is for American, National (Bronco) and Pony leagues so all players registered for these age groups are required to take part in showcasing their abilities in order to be fairly placed on teams.

The day will consist of all aspects of baseball; fielding, hitting and, for those who express interest, pitching. This will give the league commissioners the opportunity to judge players’ abilities and to place them on balanced teams based on ability levels. 

Attending this evaluation day is not only important for that reason but will also allow you to have a say in which team your child is placed. We understand that some players want to play with others for various reasons and we want to be able to accommodate those requests. However, we will give priority to those who attend and participate in order to ensure fairness. Also, by not attending this tryout, your child won’t be evaluated and will have to be placed based on the recollection of some of our commissioners. 

Player evaluation is only for American, National (Bronco) or Pony league levels of play. Tball and Central league players are not required to be evaluated and not required to attend.

For more information, please email info@skokieyouth.org