A brand new beginning.

How baseball is that? Opening day, Spring training, putting it all out there for another season, it’s all so exciting. And why not? We’ve been cooped up all winter, chomping at the bit for another season to come and it’s finally here. Finally!

There’s nothing like that first at-bat, that first pitch, that first ground ball. The level of anticipation that comes with it, it’s a wonder that it’s not always a strike three, a wild pitch, or an error. Of course, with the level of preparation that usually comes before those first official statistics are recorded, there’s at least a moderate probability that there will be a positive outcome. And when it does, it’s like a weight is lifted, like we’re finally breathing again and like we want it again. And again. And again!

Forget the fact that this game is designed to see you fail. What’s that old adage? If you get a hit in three out of ten at bats, you’re a success? Really? Many of you would more than cringe if you brought home a math test to show the family with those kinds of results. And yet, boom, if you kept up that clip, you’d be in the Hall of Fame.

No, don’t think about it that way. Rather, consider that all that means is that this game teaches that, more than success, it’s important to dust yourself off and try again. And again. And again! Because that, in turn, is the actual success. Perseverance begets success.

Not to knock success. Winning is great. There is no reason to rationalize that. It’s just that the blind ambition of a single goal is a good way to miss the forest for the trees. Winning should be the byproduct of a sound and considered approach. After all, there’s nothing like earning something instead of being handed it or gaining it by untoward means. In fact, even in losing can someone actually win. That happens. Seriously! Case in point, there was this softball game where a player was injured and, well, here. Take a look.


Just wow! How many of us can say we would have done the same? The opportunity to be valiant and gracious in the face of competition was provided by none other than the game of baseball itself. Well, softball. Softball is basically baseball. That’s a whole other article.

Anyway, while we hope all of our players avoid injuries, we do hope they get a chance to prove themselves as human beings as well as ball players. Because we truly believe this game does allow for those types of lessons to be taught; that hard work pays off, that the process is more important than the results and that winning is meaningless without the context of all that went into it. And that baseball is the best, because it really is.

Have a great season everyone!