About Skokie Youth

Our History

The Skokie Youth Baseball Organization was established in 1977 and has endured in the community, remaining the premier little league organization in Skokie.

Skokie Youth is an independent, volunteer organization. We receive no funds, equipment, uniforms, or assistance from any national organization– Skokie Youth’s existence is due entirely to its generous sponsors and adult volunteers. Our volunteers contribute countless hours and immeasurable energy as managers, coaches, and board members- in part, this is what makes our organization so special.

We recently marked the 40th season of Skokie Youth baseball and we  unveiled a brand new uniform in commemoration, and as a symbol of the community that Skokie Youth represents. The “SY” forms a hamsa hand which is a multi-cultural symbol of protection (and good defense! You’ll notice it caught the baseball). It is said to bring the wearer good fortune and prosperity, things we hope to bring to our organization with your help.

2021 Board of Directors

Jonathan Rich


Josh Shpayher

Vice President

Scott Spolter


Daniel Ackerman

Barry Spiegel

Seth Appel

Levi Zeffren

Etan Finkel